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Calling for an appointment

When you call us for an appointment you will be given a series of options:

Routine appointments

Routine appointments are available and can be pre- booked, although you may have to wait for an appointment with the doctor of your choice. These are for non- urgent matters and for patients who prefer to have continuity by seeing the doctor who has been looking after an on- going problem.

We also offer early morning appointments for patients who cannot attend during our normal surgery times.

If you require a blood test you will need to pre-book an appointment as we no longer offer a walk-in phlebotomy service

Booking online

You can book a routine appointment online if you are a registered patient. Please note that we have recently changed our clinical system. If you are already registered with our online booking service for appointments and repeat prescriptions, you do not need to re-register. However as this is a different system, you will need new log-in details – please request these now by contacting the surgery either in person or by telephone. Once you have done this you can book online here.

Urgent appointments

All requests for urgent care will be dealt with on the same day if the doctor or one of our Nurse Practitioners feels this appropriate.

We will ask you for some brief details and a phone number where one of the clinical team can ring you back to discuss your needs. The Reception team have been requested to ask for some information about your problem as this helps the doctor to prioritise the work for the day.

Care and support planning

We are changing the way we organise appointments and provide support for people who have long term conditions by putting in place a new way of working called care and support planning.

This aims to give you the opportunity to get more out of your annual review appointments by reorganising the way things happen and giving you more information before you see your nurse or doctor. It should help you to talk about:

Who is it for?
Anyone with a long term condition like diabetes for example

Why change things?
It will help both you and the doctor or nurse make the best use of the time you have in your care and support planning appointment. All the important tests and results needed at your appointment will be available to you before the appointment as well as an opportunity to think through what questions you want to ask and identify your key concerns which you want to talk about.

What does this mean for me?
This means that your care and support planning review will usually take place over two separate appointments and you will have time to think about what you want to get out of these visits.

What happens at the first appointment?
At the first appointment you will be asked to attend the surgery to have any checks or tests (e.g. blood tests, breathing tests) done with a healthcare assistant. The healthcare assistant will book your next appointment which will be with a doctor or nurse.

What happens next?
Your test results from this appointment will be sent to you with an explanation of what they mean. There will also be a space on the letter for you to make notes along with the details for your next appointment and who you will be seeing. This will give you a chance to think about what you would like to talk about at your care and support planning appointment. It`s helpful if you bring this letter with you.

What happens at the care and support planning appointment?
At your care and support planning appointment you will be able to ask questions and talk about what’s important to you and your doctor or nurse will raise any issues they are concerned about. Once you both agree on one or two main things to work on, you will get the chance to work out a plan and identify any support you need to help you look after your health.

Nurse appointments

Our Practice Nurses undertake a wide range of duties which mainly focus on the management of chronic disease, eg monitoring heart and stroke conditions, diabetes and asthma. They also carry out well man and woman checks, review blood pressure, undertake medication reviews, give immunisations and advise on contraception.

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